Pay rise secured at Outokumpu!

More positive news from Community as we have managed to secure pay rises for staff at Outokumpu in Sheffield.

Outokumpu has been producing stainless steel for more than a century. On Stevenson Road in Sheffield, Outokumpu’s Rod and Bar mill produces a broad range of stainless steel grades, sizes, and shapes.

The employees at Outokumpu are represented by Community, and thanks to the hard work of our reps we have been able to secure significantly better deals for the coming year for all.

This includes a substantial bonus, a 3.5% pay increase and, most notably, increased sick pay. This will be hugely beneficial to our members as we enter an increasingly difficult economic period brought on by the Coronavirus.

We are incredibly pleased by this result and could not have achieved it without the work of our reps and members. This shows what being part of a trade union can achieve, and the value of trade union membership to all workers.

The more members we have, the stronger our negotiating position will be so please continue to encourage your colleagues to join if they have not done so already.

If you have colleagues who would like to join Community they can do so by clicking here.

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