Only talk of levelling up

In a speech in Coventry this morning, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has laid out his plans for a “levelling up” programme for left behind regions in the United Kingdom.

The trade union Community says:

“The Prime Minister has spoken today about levelling up, but what we’re witnessing is people being dragged down.

Across the country we see workers threatened with the sack unless they accept worse terms and lower pay, just like Clarks in Somerset. Workers in low-paid jobs who rely on Universal Credit are seeing that crucial lifeline cut down. Vital levelling up funds are being funnelled from towns that need it to Tory target seats. And more than a year into this pandemic, there are still too many people who can’t afford to stay home when they are sick, as our sick pay remains amongst the lowest on the continent.

This government talks of levelling up while it pushes down working people and their communities”

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