Online training to upskill

Community with the Skills Academy can offer online training solutions. Since our partnership in March 2020; over 750 courses have been completed! With a huge variety of courses to choose from, there is something for everyone. The diverse courses range from short 10-minute micro-learning video lessons to 40-hour full courses. All courses are CPD approved, with new courses regularly added.

Chris Stafford – Community Workplace Rep & ULR

Chris Stafford became a ULR in September 2019, he took this position on the back of redundancies in his workplace. He wanted to make sure that members and colleagues were aware of opportunities that learning offered; with insecurity in the steel sector, he wanted to make sure that his colleagues have the skills they need in a changing working world.

 “During the Covid 19 health crisis a large percentage of my colleagues were furloughed including myself. I heard that Community Learn had partnered with a new provider, The Skills Academy to provide free online courses which allows me to learn from home.

I’ve done online learning before and I’ve struggled to engage with it. I wanted to learn new skills whilst I was on furlough that would support me in my job role and from a personal point of view. I decided to undertake a British Sign Language Certificate as I was interested in adding this to my skill set.

I really enjoyed this course and found it easy to navigate the website and enjoyed learning new skills. The courses on Skills Academy are flexible, and you can stop at any point and start again from where you left off. If you have a busy home life and have care responsibilities, you can use the Skills Academy at any point to fit around your lifestyle.

After completing the British Sign Language Certificate, I had an appetite to do further learning, and I have since undertaken a further 15 courses based on Mental Health, Wellbeing whilst working at home and Health & Safety in the workplace. I would recommend the courses that The Skills Academy offer to Community members and would encourage them to speak to ULR and local Learning Organiser.”

Paul, Glasgow

Community offers members a wide range of courses. I was able to access courses useful for my current employment and courses that will help me in the future.  The Wranx maths course has helped improve my confidence with maths.

Kate, Northern Ireland

I signed up to the CPD’s through Community and am working my way through online learning and obtaining my certificates. I’ve found they are very easy to follow, I can do them in my own time, usually at night when my cubs are in bed!

With the system I can learn from the comfort of my living room and can pick up where I left off; after completing each “module” which makes up the certificate. So far, I’ve obtained 7 certificates – I’m working towards 15 in total. I started with the shortest to get used to the system and look forward to getting all my certificates printed to add to my portfolio. 

With working full time as a key worker, and my husband a part time key worker, while juggling 2 x under school age toddlers; this is a great and free way for me to boost my learning, development, and career opportunities without having to leave the house!

Michael, NI

The courses currently on offer from Community are unique in quality and variety. For courses of this standard to be available free of charge is amazing….CPD, courtesy of your union.  I have recommended them to our hundreds of members in Justice and Custodial and I have no hesitation in recommending them further afield.

Andy, NI

‘The accessibility of these CPD’s came at a fantastic time for me. I have been off work since the end of November due to ongoing issues that Community are whole heartedly assisting me with. It appears that there is no way back to my previous employment and I am doing my very best to move onwards out on my own. Due to this I have made the very most of this opportunity to keep myself occupied and continue to develop while being side-lined. 

I have now completed 9 courses in total and have found the experience very straight forward and enjoyable. The modules are very professionally produced and effectively structured. They are very user friendly and easy to follow. I currently have 1 more course to complete but I will then be exploring other relevant avenues as there are such an extensive selection of courses.

A really brilliant opportunity at a fantastic time for me, and another great example of the amazing support that Community offer.

Seriously appreciated.’

Sonia, Coventry

I did sign up to the course and I am currently on module 8 out of 22, I am really enjoying it and I want to say how much I appreciate you finding me the course and the offers. Hope your well too. 

Vijay, London

I would like to thank Community Trade Union for funding a paid course -English Level 1/2/3 for me. I’ve already completed Level 1 & Level 2 and look forward to completing Level 3. I’ve also taken up digital skills courses on Staff Skills Academy which have hugely improved my skill set and I’m very keen on doing more of these.

It has been a very good learning experience from the comfort of my own home. It was easier to do them online on my tablet without the need to travel to a training centre. I also appreciate all the assistance I’ve received from the Learning Organiser in signing up to different training modules.

The most popular courses so far;

  • British Sign Language Certification
  • Mentoring and Coaching Skills Certification
  • Mental Health Awareness Certification
  • Learning Disabilities Awareness Certification
  • Autism Awareness Certification
  • Infection Control Certification
  • Emergency First Aid in the Workplace Certification
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace (UK) Certification
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Control Certification
  • Workplace Hygiene Certification

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