New learning agreement signed

Community have recently signed a Learning agreement with Preston based organization Kind Communities. Kind Communities aim to empower members of the community who might belong to groups who are difficult to reach or who do not engage with local authorities and government agencies.

Kind Communities aim to build better communities and make people from different backgrounds feel part of community in which they live, so they can be confident and optimistic about their futures. They help people build their confidence and trust and to feel safe in a society that is constantly evolving.  As an organization they share Community’s values, in giving everyone a voice, they believe it is about having a positive, engaging debate so we can create an environment where people can empathise with one another.

Community aims to take an active role and have organised training to support members of staff and volunteers to be able to communicate more effectively.  Community Learn used its links with training providers to deliver four writing with confidence workshops.

We have also successfully recruited two new Union Learning Reps who will now use their position to promote learning opportunities with the organisation and the wider community. They have recently taken their first steps in becoming trained Union Learning Reps and are looking forward to taking up further training and development opportunities available to them.

Commenting on the signing of the Learning Agreement Community NEC Member Dougie Fairbairn, said:

I’m delighted that Community and Kind Communities have signed this Learning Agreement, as a union we are committed to working with Community providers who provide support for people from different faiths and backgrounds. This is a great opportunity to work with a new provider and build on our existing education offer. As a union we want to get out into the Community more and this agreement helps us achieve this.”

Aysha Patel from Kind Communities, said:

Kind Communities is delighted to cement its links with Community by way of a learning agreement. Our shared commitment to empower under-represented groups, and achieve positive change in society, makes our connection a natural one. We look forward to working together to deliver work-based training and learning opportunities to upskill our employees and volunteers”.

To access Community’s learning offer click here.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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