Andropause in the workplace

Andropause, also referred to as the “male menopause”, is when men experience physical and psychological changes to their health, due to a drop in testosterone (the hormone responsible for characteristics typically associated with men such as deep voice, muscle mass, as well as body and facial hair) production levels. 

The symptoms associated with andropause can interfere with everyday life, so it is vital that not only support is put in place, but also to ensure that you feel confident in resolving the issue. 

Unfortunately, many refer to “male menopause” as a myth, which can cause many men to be embarrassed to discuss how it is affecting their health or work. No one should be put in a position where they must suffer in silence, and we’re working to change that stigma. 

The below guidance covers what andropause is, how it affects men, and what to do at work if you are going through it yourself. 

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