Lorraine Jakeman is awarded the Representation Champion Award

I joined Community over 18 years ago now, when I started my job at HMP Peterborough, and for the past six years, I have been proud to call myself a Community Representative.

As a prison custodial officer, I know all too well the importance of being in a union. Not only for advice and support at work, legal representation, and learning opportunities, but also to ensure that my voice, and the voices of my colleagues are heard at work on pay, conditions and treatment.

I’m extremely passionate about being a union representative, and while I don’t do it for the thanks – it is nice to hear it from time to time!

A photograph of Community Trade Union Representative, Lorrain Jakeman, holding the Representation Champion Award at the Rep Awards.Pictured: Lorraine Jakeman holding her Representation Champion Award.

I’m a caring and helpful person who will go through thick and thin for my colleagues, so being a representative comes naturally to me. Whether I am supporting someone through a disciplinary or grievance, I am always fighting in their corner for the best possible outcome.

Thank you dearly to all my colleagues and friends who nominated me for the first ever Representation Champion Award – it means so much to me that what I do is making positive change and I’ll continue to work toward making my workplace and my colleagues’ lives better. That is why I am proud to be a part of the Community Representatives at HMP Peterborough – we’re always ready to support our members whenever they need us.

What Lorraine’s members had to say about her:

“Lorraine has been an absolute rock for me during a suspension. Quite seriously the best person that could have been by my side throughout this ordeal.”

“Lorraine helped me through a very tough time after a serious injury at work. Not only did she help me get full pay during my time off she kept checking in on me. I can’t thank her enough she was truly a massive help.”

“Recently I’ve had some issues and again Lorraine’s support has been second to none. Even on her days off she has been kind enough to check in on me and to see how things are. I can’t thank her enough and she’s a great asset to the union.”

“I cannot thank Loraine enough for all the hard work and effort she put in to get me through a tough month I was having. She really did go above and beyond to help me through my rough patch She’s a credit to the union.”

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