It’s time for a reshoring revolution

In her first major intervention since coming into post Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has pledged to make, buy and sell more in Britain under a Labour government, unveiling a plan to raise standards, award more public contracts to British businesses and bring the jobs of the future to the UK.

Roy Rickhuss CBE, General Secretary of the trade union Community, says:

“In Britain we need an reshoring revolution where we harness the power of our workforce and our industries to rebuild our economy post Coronavirus.

We strongly back the introduction of rules to promote public bodies giving contracts to British firms. For too long now, we’ve heard nothing but warm words as contracts like the recent Royal Navy submarines and frigates aquisition are continually passed to cheaper overseas competitors. Contracts should not be awarded solely on the basis of cost, but must also factor in social and environmental impacts too. This would support thousands of jobs and livelihoods, benefit our economy, provide value to the taxpayer and have a lower carbon footprint.

A government that is serious about supporting British industry and businesses would be transparent about what percentage of public contracts go to British firms.

We should also offer support to firms looking to reshore and bring jobs back to Britain. The pandemic has showed us the danger of relying on fragile overseas supply chains, yet we currently offer no support for companies looking to reshore. Britain needs jobs, but they will not just appear out of nowhere – we must act, offer and incentivise to bring organisations and jobs back.

Any government serious about levelling up the nation needs a plan for the future. There is so much untapped potential in British workers and British industries, all that is needed is the political will to make it happen”

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