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After two years of stress and worry during the pandemic and lockdown, followed by the war in Ukraine, a change of UK premiership, rising fuel prices, a cost-of-living crisis and the death of the Queen, it’s no wonder the state of the nation’s mental health is strained. Looking after your mental health this year is going to be extra important.   

Make sure you check in with family, friends and colleagues.  Increase your exposure to natural light, take more exercise or simply going for a walk. Look after your sleeping habits and diet and do more of what you enjoy in your spare time.   

Most importantly, talk. Talk about how you are feeling and reach out. Do not go through this alone.   

Looking after your mental health is the theme of a number of our Your voice member magazines this autumn, and you can also find out more about mental health training, resources and mental health in the workplace on the website.

Many members are going to have to make adjustments financially, too, and you can read about our financial support and benefits across all of our magazines, as well as how to become Community Rep, to help yourself as well as your fellow members.

Read more about the issues in your sector:

If you’ve got any comments about the magazines or suggestions for an article – especially if you’d be interested in writing one – please contact the editor.

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