Don’t leave the self-employed stranded

Millions of people are currently being left without support, or with minimal support, during this pandemic. This has left many struggling for nearly a year.

Therefore we welcome any measures to ease this pain, and are encouraged to see the potential introduction of grants for self-employed workers of up to £2,500 a month in the Chancellor’s budget next week.

This will give self-employed people across the country some much needed breathing space.

We are, however, greatly concerned by the rumours emerging in today’s Telegraph that this support will stop in May.

If furlough is expected to be extended until most restrictions on businesses are lifted, why are the self-employed excluded yet again from support during this pandemic?

The timetable that the Prime Minister set out on Monday indicated that social restrictions will not be lifted until June 21st at the earliest. Even then, it will take some time for society and the economy to return to normality.

We are incredibly clear that the Budget next week should ensure that everyone in Britain is supported to the end of the pandemic and into the recovery.

The Chancellor once said that he would do “whatever it takes” to support people through the pandemic. No matter what kind of employment you’re in, everybody who needs it should be able to access financial support to get through to the end of this difficult period.

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