Dear young carers

Would you work for free?  

A report from the Carers Trust highlights that 51% of young carers and young adult carers work unpaid caring for 20-49 hours each week, in addition to attending education or going to work.   

Community has pledged to be the union for young carers, to work with the Carers Trust and to lobby government to improve the lives of young carers.  

Please support young carers by asking your MP to pledge their support:

Dear Young Carer members

By Jack Whiston, Community’s NEC Representative for Young Workers

I know that you deal with a lot every day. You constantly have to juggle every aspect of your life to provide support for someone you care for. You often receive no support, either financially or emotionally. At Community, we believe that this must change!

With 52% of carers in employment, at Community we recognise that the issues that impact you at home, often also affect you at work. That is why we have pledged to be the union for you, at work and at home. We believe that all carers should be paid the living wage, and carers in London be paid the London living wage.

We are lobbying the government for policy changes to support you as young carers. We are lobbying for:

  • timely care assessments;
  • simplification of needs assessments;
  • support for young carers to access education and social opportunities; and
  • adequate investment in carers’ support.

We are also raising awareness of the Carers Trust, and supporting its campaigns, amongst our members.

We know that anyone, at any time, could need or become a carer at some point in their lives. You, our young carers, are indispensable. That’s why we pledge to you that we will continue to campaign for you and fight for you. You deserve better working conditions, financial support and mental health support.

We want to know your story!

Let us know more about the difficulties you face juggling life and work. You can E-mail us at:

For information on your rights at work, you can head to our website and click on our advice centre.

If you need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

We are here fighting in your corner.

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