Comprehensive Spending Review response 

Today the Chancellor brought the Comprehensive Spending Review to Parliament. The review included a three year restart programme, a pay rise to public sector workers in healthcare and a levelling up fund.

Responding to the announcement, Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community, said:

“The Comprehensive Spending Review laid out today by Rishi Sunak once again shows the disconnect between what government are offering and what workers across the UK need. On the furlough scheme and expectations on employers, those who remain excluded from government support throughout this crisis, and specific support for industries most in need like our manufacturing sector, there was silence.”

“This will be a deeply worrying time for people right across the UK with unemployment expected to reach 7.5 per cent in 2021. In times of crisis it is acutely important that workers have confidence that government understands the issues facing them and will do what they can to help. The review did not go far enough to ease concerns, and give working people confidence that government have a robust plan that will see us through this crisis.”

“To row back the tide of unemployment, government must ensure that the infrastructure announcements from today benefit communities and industries across the UK. Workers across the UK are relying on them to get this right.”

“While we welcome the pay increase doctors and nurses will receive, we are deeply disappointed that the public sector pay freeze remains in place for other public sector workers. This will include teachers and early years professionals who have gone above and beyond throughout this crisis. Their efforts should be recognised too.”

“Rather than pitting the private and public sectors against each other, government should be spending their time finding solutions to the issues faced by all working people.”

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