Community welcomes end of National Categorisation for schools in Wales

Commenting on the Welsh Government announcement that National Categorisation will end and be replaced by a self-evaluation system, Urtha Felda, Senior Professional Officer / Uwch Swyddog Proffesional Cymru with Community: the union for education professionals, said:

“We welcome the end of National Categorisation, which was a crude instrument that labelled schools and effectively created league tables, which the system was supposed to avoid.

“However, we are concerned by the Minister’s language, where he refers to ‘good practice’ and ‘failure’.

“A self-evaluation system such as this, coupled with more frequent inspections, should enable schools to identify areas where support and extra resources are needed, rather than using an external crude labelling system – effectively keeping the ‘red light’ system in place.

“Concerns have been expressed about how Estyn will respond to the new Framework and be able to implement the new approach around self-improvement by September.”

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