Oscar’s story

Community is reaching out to members to ask if they can support a colleague in need. Tim Wright is a PCO at HMP Peterborough. He became a father to Oscar in September last year.

Oscar has been diagnosed with Sturge Weber syndrome, a very rare neurological disorder. The syndrome affects the brain, skin and eyes and causes long epileptic seizures. A couple of weeks ago Oscar became very poorly and had to be admitted to the intensive care unit at Peterborough City Hospital. The only way to stop the seizures was to put Oscar into an induced coma and put him on a ventilator. He was then transferred to Great Ormond Street hospital in London, where he has been treated and is being prepared to undergo brain surgery, with one of his parents by his side while the other stayed in a hotel.

Tim, Oscar’s father said:

“The costs of all of this and the financial stress has been a massive burden on top of already probably one of the most stressful situations possible and definitely the most stressful of my life. Not to mention the fact that COVID-19 means that my partner hasn’t seen her son or me for 10 days because only one parent is allowed in the hospital so none of us have seen each other since the changeover.

“My union rep Lorraine Jakeman has been absolutely amazing because had it not been for her I wouldn’t have had the courage to ask work or the union for any help and she has just been so supportive, asking me how we are getting on every day and keeping me informed about what work are saying about my time off and chasing any queries I have about work. I couldn’t be more grateful to her and to everyone that has been so supportive at this time.”

The union has already reached out to Tim through our Member Support Group to offer advice and help. Community are hoping members will also show their support by making a small contribution to the fundraiser to help Oscar’s family during his care and treatment:

You can donate through Oscar’s gofundme page by clicking here.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at servicecentre@community-tu.org or on 0800 389 6332.

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