Community shapes ambitious and credible pledges for working people

Community played a significant role last weekend at Labour’s National Policy Forum to achieve successes for our members and help shape a policy platform fit for Government.

On a range of areas from workers’ rights to industrial strategy, Labour has a bold plan to build a better Britain after 13 years of chaos, economic mismanagement and attacks on working people by the Conservative Government.

Community was successful in shaping Labour’s policies on supporting the future of the steel industry, self-employed workers, technology in the interests of working people, combatting assaults on prison officers and recognising the issues of low pay and poor retention in the Early Years workforce.

Labour have also committed to a much-needed wider package of measures to support working people. These areas, alongside the rest of the final National Policy Forum proposals, will bring significant benefits to our members and their industries and we look forward to supporting these policies and campaigning to deliver a Labour Government in the interests of working people.

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