Community nominates Anas Sarwar MSP to be the next leader of the Scottish Labour Party

After a ballot of our membership in Scotland, Community has nominated Anas Sarwar to be the next leader of the Scottish Labour Party at the upcoming leadership election. 76% of votes cast were for Anas Sarwar.

Roy Rickhuss CBE, General Secretary of Community, says:

“The last year has been immensely challenging for so many of us – the fallout from the pandemic has been devastating and the many injustices that permeate throughout society have become more visible than ever before.

The challenges that Scotland faces over the coming years will not get easier, but harder. Poverty, job insecurity, structural racism and ongoing constitutional questions are just some of the many issues that the next Scottish Labour leader will have to face.

It is clear that Scottish Labour has a mountain to climb. Currently with only 23 MSPs and 1 MP and having made no progress in opinion polls, Scottish Labour has considerable work to do in convincing the country they are the correct people to lead them through this difficult period.

Community believes that Anas Sarwar is the right person to meet this challenge.

Anas has been a member of Community for many years and has long supported Community members. In turn, he has the overwhelming support of our membership with over three-quarters voting to nominate him.

We believe he is the right person to make the argument for both the Labour Party and the labour movement, to rebuild the Scottish Labour Party and to rebuild Scotland.”

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