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Working with Community for a better future
Abena Oppong-Asare - July 19th, 2021
Someone like me was not meant to go into politics. I was once told that the chances of someone like me getting a job in [...]
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Only talk of levelling up
Community - July 15th, 2021
In a speech in Coventry this morning, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has laid out his plans for a "levelling up" programme for left behind [...]
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Rebuilding better – not business as usual
Wes Streeting - May 12th, 2021
When Keir Starmer became leader of the Labour Party, he said he wanted the UK to be the best country to grow up in and [...]
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Queen’s Speech: failing the people who kept us going throughout the pandemic
Maya Ilany - May 11th, 2021
After a year that saw workers putting their lives on the line to keep all of us safe, fed and cared for, the government should have made [...]
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Your community, your vote
Kate Dearden - May 4th, 2021
For millions of people across the country, this Thursday will be our first election since 2019. It may sound like a cliché, but going out to vote is the [...]
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Deadline to register to vote tonight!
Community - April 16th, 2021
May 2021 marks the first election since the beginning the pandemic, and the first opportunity since the last general election for millions of us to [...]
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Budget 2021: Not enough levelling up, not enough support
Kate Dearden - March 3rd, 2021
Today the Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced the Budget, setting out government spending and support for the coming year.  After such a difficult economic period, millions across the country will be [...]
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A new chapter for Scottish Labour
Community - February 27th, 2021
We want to offer a massive congratulations to Anas Sarwar for being elected as leader of Scottish Labour. We nominated Anas as we believed he [...]
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A promising future for Britain
Community - February 18th, 2021
We welcome the vision Keir Starmer set out today, and see it as the first step in a promising future for Britain. Millions of people [...]
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Major victory for workers rights as government drops protections bonfire
Community - January 29th, 2021
There really is power in a union. Last week reports emerged that the government was considering a rollback of hard-won workplace protections, including the end [...]
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