Bringing our communities together

This weekend has been the Great Get Together, an annual celebration where we celebrate community events that bridge divides and champion what unites us.

Gatherings have taken place across the country – from community cafés to group walks to dog meetups. These events have been incredibly varied, but what unites them is building community cohesion and bringing people together.

The theme of this year’s Great Get Together is ‘welcome’ – celebrating the practical things that communities do to welcome new people and come together.

We strive to be a union that is welcoming to others, as well as one that brings communities together. As part of ‘In your community’, we bring people together to find solutions to important local issues. We help empower our members to become pillars of their community by giving them the support and resources they need.

We pride ourselves on welcoming all into our union.

We use our position to make both ourselves and the trade union movement a more diverse place.

At Community we are proud to support the work of the Jo Cox Foundation, and continue to celebrate Jo’s message that we have more in common than divides us.

Whilst it has been the Great Get Together this weekend, we are committed to upholding Jo’s legacy all year round. As a union, we will continue to be there for our members both at work and at home, and will work to bring communities across the country together.

Read the guest blog on taking part in the Great Get Together from James Austin of the Jo Cox Foundation.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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