Below-inflation pay rise blow for England’s demoralised teachers

Commenting on the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) report and government response on teachers’ pay, National Officer Helen Osgood said:

“This below-inflation package is kicking a profession that’s already down.

“After a decade of pay erosion, this is effectively yet another pay cut, as teachers’ pay is eroded even further by inflation and the cost-of-living crisis.

“The increase for early career teachers (ECTs) is still below inflation – as is the smaller increase for experienced teachers, who are the education professionals with responsibility for mentoring ECTs.”

“For far too long, the government has failed to recognise the invaluable work of teachers, headteachers and other education staff.  They have been underpaid, undervalued, and overworked – a situation made worse by the pandemic.

“Demoralised teachers are leaving the profession and schools are struggling to recruit new staff. That doesn’t just affect teachers. It affects children’s education, too.

“That’s why we needed a fully-funded, inflation-proof pay rise across the board, so schools can both recruit new entrants to the profession and retain experienced teachers.

“Teachers and headteachers deserve better – it’s time they got the decent pay rise they deserve.”

In its evidence to the STRB, Community proposed an uplift to all teacher salary points of 10%, and recommended an increase in PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) time.

Further information

STRB report

Education unions condemn botched teacher pay award


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