An unforgivable hammer blow to millions

This afternoon, the motion to cancel the cut to Universal Credit passed with 253-0. The vote is non-binding, and does not compel the government to act.

Kate Dearden, Head of Research, Policy and External Relations at Community, says:

“The Government must listen to the motion in Parliament to cancel the £20 Universal Credit Cut, which is a hammer blow to millions across the country, including workers, children and families. The decision to make the biggest single cut to welfare since the Second World War, during a pandemic and an economic turmoil, is simply unforgivable. The attempt to use a reshuffle to shift attention off this is risible.
The Government says that this cut will push people into work but this cut will only push half a million people below the poverty line. The truth is that over a third of those who rely on Universal Credit are already in work – and still rely on Universal Credit to survive. Amongst them are many of our self-employed members who have already been excluded from government support schemes throughout the pandemic will be disproportionately impacted by this cut too.
Instead of cutting Universal Credit the Government must introduce a successor to the furlough scheme to protect jobs and communities.”

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