Tribute to Alistair Maclean

Community National Secretary and General Secretary of the IDU section

1950 – 2020  

Yesterday morning our union received the tragic news Alistair Maclean had passed away.

In the time Alistair has been part of Community, following the transfer of his union, the Independent Democratic Union (IDU), he had made a significant impact on the union and for our members. Alistair had been a good friend to many of us long before the transfer took place.

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary:

“Alistair’s contribution to our union was greatly valued in the time he was a part of the Community family. I had the utmost admiration and respect for him. His drive and enthusiasm for the union movement was indomitable.”

“I want to pay particular tribute to Alistair’s passion for the lives of working people. He dedicated his life to creating a better world of work for all – and in that time he changed the lives of thousands of people.”

“Alistair will be greatly missed by all at Community, and I know the Community and IDU staff who worked closely with Alistair will find this extremely difficult. Alistair’s memory and legacy will inspire each of us to continue working towards a better world of work for all.”

Deborah Wood, Community NEC member and former President of the IDU:

“Alistair has been the face of our union since 2005 and previously looked after our membership for nearly 30 years altogether, and so many of us worked with him over that time.”

“Alistair had a big vision for the IDU, his dream was to build a strong membership and ensure that each worker had a better working life. His drive and energy were infectious to all, which enabled the IDU to grow stronger each year.”

“Alistair had a huge character and all that knew him will make sure we will continue to uphold all that good work so that his dream and vision carries on.”

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