Adult Learners’ Week event in Port Talbot

Steelworkers in Port Talbot met with learning and training providers from across South Wales this week for an Opening Learning Day as part of Adult Learners’ Week.

The event, which was organised by steelworkers’ union Community and Union Learning Reps on site, was funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales Union Learning Fund. Vaughan Gething MS, the Welsh Government’s Minister for Economy, was also present; alongside Community’s Regional Secretary Rob Edwards and Learning Organiser Lisa Francis.

Community Union’s Learning Organiser Lisa Francis said:

“Community is proud to have played a role in organising today’s event alongside the excellent Union Learning Reps on site at Port Talbot. Days like these are all about helping workers up-skill and build up their confidence, with opportunities for individualized support and targeted learning available to all.

“Here in Wales we are fortunate to have a government that realises the importance of working alongside trade unions for the benefit of workers and workplaces – as well as the wider economy and communities of which they form such a key part. The Wales Union Learning Fund – which has benefitted thousands of people to develop their skills and access training at work – puts that principle of cooperation into action.”


Economy Minister Vaughan Gething MS said:

“It was wonderful to visit the learning open day at Tata Steel in Port Talbot, and meet current and future learners from across the plant, as well as the Union Learning Reps who are there to support them on their learning journey. I want to thank all the Union Learning Reps and staff for their work in putting on this important event, and look forward to hearing about their ideas for the future.”


Regional Secretary for Community Rob Edwards said:

“The Wales Union Learning Fund has ensured that workers have this opportunity and I want to thank all those Union Learning Reps who have been a driving force for making this happen. The ULRs on site here have done themselves proud, and it’s been wonderful to see so many providers with so many opportunities on offer for workers to upskill. Learning is for life, and Adult Learners’ Week is a fantastic occasion for an event like this, bringing together the best of what learning and training offers are out there for workers.”

More information on Wales Union Learning Fund and ongoing projects can be found at:

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