A bold, progressive vision for our country

In Liverpool today [27th September], Keir Starmer set out his vision for the country. He laid out his plans for if Labour are elected at the next General Election including; delivering a just transition to help us meet out climate goals, tackling the cost-of-living crisis, implementing a proper plan to upskill our workforce and an industrial strategy to secure the future of our industries.  

Polling from YouGov released yesterday puts Labour at 17 point lead following the disastrous ‘mini-budget’ last week.

Kate Dearden, Head of Policy and Politics at Community, said:

“The Labour Party has a clear, bold and progressive vision for the future. Every member of our union will be better off under the commitments made during this Conference. From steelworkers who will have a secure and prosperous industry, to our self-employed members who would have more rights at work and an economy that works for them not against them. Under Labour, we will all be stronger, together.”

On industrial strategy

“A modern industrial strategy is what our industries, our members and our country have been crying out for. By bringing together government, business and trade unions in a partnership, we’ll be able to create the solutions we need to protect and create jobs and to secure a prosperous future for every industry.”

On skills

“The announced skills policy is exactly what we need to fix the long-term skills problems in this country. When technology is changing workplaces beyond recognition, workers need the right support to upskill and keep pace with the changes around them.

Community have been calling for a strategy to deal with the skills gap in our country for some time – including a more flexible approach. Having more flexibility will mean that instead of employers sitting on thousands of pounds they’re struggling to use, they’ll be able to put that money towards upskilling their workforce. It’s the first step to ensuring that people have the support they need to stay in a rapidly changing world of work instead of being pushed out.”

On climate change

“Labour’s Green Prosperity plan doesn’t shy away from the big problems but has the practical solutions we need. It puts workers’ voices at its heart and will create a million good quality, highly-skilled jobs.

We’ve long said that green steel must be at the centre of our approach to climate change. To make green steel you need green energy. Labour’s commitment to making the UK a clean energy superpower will be hugely welcome in the steelworks where many of our members work.”

We welcome Labour’s commitments announced today and will work tirelessly with them to deliver.”

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at help@community-tu.org or on 0800 389 6332.

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