Why join a trade union as a teacher?

Joining a trade union as a teacher isn’t compulsory, but many teachers choose to join because it offers a number of significant benefits and protections for both new and seasoned educators.

Reasons to Join a Teachers Union

As well as campaigning for change, teachers unions offer a number of benefits for its members including:

  • Influencing government policy
  • Campaigning for better conditions
  • Providing members with legal and financial advice
  • Access or discounts on insurance
  • Ongoing support and advice on specific topics
  • Legal representation

Education trade unions also make a significant contribution to the learning and development needs of their members. We offer training on everything from digital skills to mental health first aid.

Trade unions are also a useful hub for connecting with other teachers and exploring alternative ways to address your needs.

What Is Voice Community?

Voice is the education and early years section of Community. We work tirelessly to represent those working in education and the early years sector to ensure that our members have the support, protection and guidance they need.

We are dedicated to the needs, concerns and preferences of our teachers and actively engaged in negotiating with government departments, local authorities and private employers to seek recognition for education and childcare professionals.

We’re proud to be a campaigning union who lobby and influence government on the issues that matter to you, whether that be ensuring progression opportunities, building a skilled workforce, getting the best for the next generation and more. We even campaign on issues outside of the workplace like homelessness.

We see it as our job to raise issues and create solutions both locally in your schools and nationally across the whole education sector.

The more members we have, the stronger we will be when lobbying on your behalf. You can join us here today.

For more information about who we are and what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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