#TUC21: A better deal for workers

We strongly welcome Keir Starmer’s speech at #TUC21 this morning, and are pleased to see him outline a bright future for workers under a Labour government.

British workers have put their lives on the line to keep us all safe and the country going throughout the pandemic over the last year and a half. These workers deserve a new, better deal. They deserve to be able to live and work with dignity.

The coronavirus pandemic saw more workers joining trade unions because workers know our movement is on their side.

We have been campaigning for sick pay to be extended to all workers – including the self-employed – and are delighted to see Keir announce it as Labour Party policy. We are further pleased to see commitments to outlaw the scourge of fire-and-rehire, increase the minimum wage and have workers rights for all from day one.

As we go forward, we look forward to continuing to work with the Labour Party to campaign for a better working world.

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