Trade Remedies decision threatens the very future of our steel industry

The TRA (Trade Remedies Authority) has today made its final recommendations to the Secretary of State for International Trade on the extension of the steel safeguards, announcing the extension of the steel safeguard measures across ten product categories for a further three years, and the revocation of the measure across nine product categories.

Responding to the announcement, Alasdair McDiarmid, Operations Director at Community, says:

“This is a shocking decision from the TRA which threatens thousands of jobs and the very future of our steel industry. The steel safeguards protect us from being flooded by cheap foreign imports and it would be an unforgivable act of self-harm to give up our protections when the EU and the US are maintaining their own defences. It seems the TRA has failed to understand what this decision means for our industry and our worst fears have been confirmed; our post-Brexit trade defence system is weak, ineffective and not fit for purpose. This Government established the TRA and they need to put this right by doing whatever it takes to overturn this decision and secure the extension of all our crucial steel safeguards. This Government has had plenty of warm words for steelworkers but we need action now; failure would make a mockery of Tory promises to support British industry, British workers and industrial communities.”

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