Significant pay rise for workers at Falck Fire Services

This year, despite the difficulties caused as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Community have secured a significant pay rise for workers at Falck Fire Services UK. The pay rise of 6.2 per cent was achieved after a round of pay negotiations with the company.

Paul Warren, Regional Organiser in the Northern Region, said:

“The workers at Falck Fire Services are required to do difficult and vitally necessary work to keep people safe. Those who were able to, worked throughout the pandemic. Our members deserved to be recognised for their work, and we are delighted that the Company took this decision as a result of our pay negotiations.”

“There is no doubt that a pay increase of this scale will benefit our members at Falck Fire Services, their families and the communities where they work and live.”

“Our ongoing partnership with Falck Fire Services that sees us constructively engage at all levels, has born fruit for our members not just this year but since the partnership began. For the last three consecutive years we have secured pay increases that have maintained the standard of living for those working at Falck Fire Services.”

“This pay increase really shows the value of a strong, collective trade union voice in the workplace. I would urge anyone who isn’t a member of our union to join today.”

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