Our steel industry report

Steelworks are at the heart of Britain’s economy, providing tens of thousands of jobs in factories and steel supply chains. Our new report shows just how important the steel industry is to not only steelworkers, but also their families and local communities.

However, rising steel energy costs have led to production pauses that threaten the future of the industry.

In the Our Steel Industry report, we surveyed over 300 steelworkers in the UK, and conducted separate polling in 4 steel constituencies Highlights of this report:

  • 88% of steelworkers are the main earner in their household – many are supporting family members financially.
  • Steelworks are often at the social and economic core of towns, with a history of steel production providing a sense of local pride and togetherness.
  • 98% of residents of steel towns believe we should make steel in the UK rather than using imports.
  • 9 out of 10 people in steel towns believe the government should deliver on its promise to cut energy costs.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson promised reduced energy costs for the steel sector during his Brexit campaign. He has yet to deliver on this promise, six years later.

Read the report

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