Our services

Our services have been built around the needs of our members; they are always growing and developing – just like you. Today, we offer an unparalleled range of professional and personal services; from essentials like representation at work, to great extra benefits like comprehensive family auto cover. Here are a few of the ways we help our members…

Making family life affordable

We have a fantastic range of discounts available to our members. These include discounted cinema tickets, gym memberships and two for one dining. We also offer discounts on professional advice; including assistance with tax returns, mortgage, conveyancing & legal advice.

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Keeping your workplace fair

Fair treatment, fair pay, fair pensions; we’re working to make this a reality for every worker in the UK. If you’re facing unfair redundancy, you’ve been treated unfairly, or need support at a hearing, we’ll be there.

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Supporting your career development

We want you to succeed! If you have a skill gap, or need help to make that career move - our Communitas programme can help. Our services include IT, literacy and numeracy training, as well as personalised advice, support and mentoring.

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At home...

We’re making life easier

Our members enjoy a great range of family discounts, offers and services.

At work…

We’re beside you

Keeping your workplace safe, fair and flourishing.

When life gets complicated

We’re there for you

Through every day stress or extreme circumstances – you’re not alone.

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