No real, meaningful support

Today the government failed to support struggling workers. As inflation hits a near thirty year high. The money in our members pockets is worth less, as prices for food, energy and other essentials goes up. On the major cost-of-living increases, support from the government was few and far between.

Once again the government failed to introduce meaningful measures to support the steel industry. The pandemic highlighted how important domestic industry is and the dangers of relying on fragile international trading arrangements for essential goods. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brings new uncertainties to the world, and reinforces the need for a strong domestic steel industry at the base of strategic supply chains vital to our national security.

Unaffordable energy prices threaten the future of British steelmaking and the government has once again missed their chance to protect the industry. At Prime Ministers Questions, Boris Johnson made a commitment to protecting the steel industry. Yet less than half an hour later when the government had the perfect opportunity to act, we hear radio silence from the Chancellor. Not a penny for the steel industry in this statement will go down as one of most short-sighted government decisions in modern times. We await the energy security package with bated breath – it is this government’s very last chance to deliver.

We are disappointed by the lack of support for education and early years, which, in the face of a staff recruitment and retention crisis, need massive investment to support children’s education and wellbeing recovery from the pandemic, and to help meet rising energy bills, staff wages and pension payments, and other costs increasing rapidly with inflation.

Early years settings, in particular, are struggling, and face either passing on costs to parents or closure, leaving families to pick up the pieces.

The Spring Statement was a huge missed opportunity to provide real meaningful support to individual workers or our foundation industries. The consequences will be all of ours to live with.

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