No plan for difficult times

Today, the Queen’s Speech laid out the Government’s agenda for the upcoming year. This revealed a government without a plan to protect workers from bad bosses, no attempts to fix the cost-of-living crisis, and one that is putting our communities at risk.

Missing, yet again, from the Government’s plan is action to tackle fire-and-rehire and low wages with a new bill for workers rights. It has now been years since the Tories first promised an Employment Bill, and we still find ourselves waiting. This may not be a priority for Boris Johnson, but for workers like those at P&O, they’ve already had to wait too long.

Our members see their bills shoot up, while their wages stay the same, leaving them worried about how their families will make it from month to month. Most urgently, they needed action on energy costs, and the Government failed to deliver.

Energy bills are getting higher for our members, and the price for energy for vital industries such as steel has skyrocketed. People and companies across the country are suffocating under the weight of spiralling energy prices. The Government, again, have offered inadequate support to weather this storm. Instead of siding with big corporations, the Government should adopt the Labour Party’s proposal for a windfall tax on oil and gas producers that would cut families bills and help with soaring costs right now.

And it is not just energy bills that are getting higher, it is also rent and prices at the shops that are going up too but pay is not increasing in the same pace. Our reps are fighting hard for better pay deals across workplaces, but by failing to act the Government is leaving our members out of pocket and in a real crisis. There is still no plan to increase pay and to protect the finances of the people of this country.

Our self-employed members have already been hit hard during Covid, and in this crisis too there is no plan to support them. Once again, a sector representing more than 4 million people in Britain has been left by the wayside.

This poor plan will not deter us, we will continue to fight for our members and demand the Government take the urgent action we need to address the cost-of-living crisis and properly protect working people. You are welcome to join us on 18 June for the Trade Union Congress rally to ensure the voice of working people is heard.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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