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Assaults on prison staff hit record highs

Community - October 31st, 2019

The Ministry of Justice has published its quarterly ‘Safety in Custody’ report, revealing the highest recorded number of assaults on prison staff. Community, the largest union in the privatised justice […]

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In times of uncertainty, Community is in your corner

David Fiddler - July 9th, 2019

“I was really worried about losing my home…” Community understands that life can be difficult at times, our members are experiencing first-hand the uncertainty of our delicate economy and many […]

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Community - November 11th, 2019
Responding to the news that British Steel is to be acquired by Jingye steel, Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of the steelworkers’ trade union Community said: “We welcome this positive step […]
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Community - November 8th, 2019
“Making a difference in youth football…” Community recently awarded a donation from its regional charity fund to pay for new football shirts for a local youth football team. Royston Town […]
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Community - October 28th, 2019
“Our success at Radfield is a great example of our approach as a union…” As a result of Community’s mental health priority campaign, Community has developed a closer working relationship […]
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Community - October 25th, 2019
“We are really excited to work with Matt Keech in spreading our message to cricketers across the country…” Sport Community, a sector of the Community family dedicated to supporting sportspeople […]
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Community - October 24th, 2019
“Working together, we can support more people to learn and help shift the mindsets of the population on skills and training…” Today Community’s General Secretary Roy Rickhuss spoke at the […]
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Community - October 22nd, 2019
“We see the ability in people rather than the disability…” Community took the opportunity to take a closer look at how supported workplaces can use training, education and union learning […]
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Community - October 19th, 2019
“Our new education programme will help break down barriers to participation…” As part of Community’s new education programme, the union held regional training seminars for reps from its London and […]
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Community - October 18th, 2019
“The work we do on this important issue needs to reflect the reality of women’s lives…” On World Menopause Day, Community is pleased to highlight the work of some its […]
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