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Equalities strategy launched by Community

Community - February 21st, 2020

“Striving for equality is at the heart of what we do…” This week Community has launched its equalities strategy. A new booklet A Strategy for Equalities was distributed by email to […]

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LGBT+ History month: a member’s view

Community - February 12th, 2020

“This was a moment in history that would change my life…” Meghan Marsh is an activist in Community’s financial and professional sector. We asked her to reflect on what LGBT+ […]

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Community - February 20th, 2020
“Knowing organisations like Community are there really helps…” Over the last few months Community has received a significant amount of donations for the union’s veteran homelessness campaign and staff throughout […]
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Community - February 19th, 2020
“I’m proud to have the opportunity to serve the union…” Ross Clark is the new president of Community. He was confirmed as president at Community’s National Executive Council today (19 […]
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Community - February 18th, 2020
“This bursary from Community was a life saver…” Community has always been a champion of lifelong learning. To help acheive this, the union established a fund that provides members (or […]
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Community - February 11th, 2020
“Giving our members opportunities to learn and develop…” Community recently signed a provider learning agreement with Axia Solutions Ltd. Axia Solutions is a training and apprenticeships provider. The agreement will […]
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Roy Rickhuss - February 10th, 2020
“There are huge responsibilities for all of us to get this right…” Roy Rickhuss wrote for Unions 21 about the skills challenge facing the country. The changing work landscape brings […]
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Community - February 5th, 2020
“We welcome Aviation Business Continuity’s openness to working with a modern trade union…” Community has signed a recognition agreement with Aviation Business Continuity (ABC) to represent its operatives, drivers and […]
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anti semitism talk
Community - January 31st, 2020
“It’s crucial unions show leadership…” At Community’s Biennial Delegate Conference 2019, delegates voted to include tackling antisemitism into its equality and diversity training for reps. Sixteen Community reps from across […]
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Liberty Steel Reps
Community - January 29th, 2020
The meeting of reps from across Liberty Steel allowed for positive dialogue about the steel industry in the UK… This week, senior Community representatives from Liberty Steel sites came together […]
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