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Community - January 15th, 2021
We are deeply concerned by the reports in today’s Financial Times of plans for a rollback on worker’s protections, including the suggestion of an end to the 48-hour working week that is enshrined in European Union law. These provisions enable working people to maintain balance in their lives, and help protect against exploitation.
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Lisa Francis - January 7th, 2021
Learning agreements are something that Community Learn have been negotiating for and implementing at workplaces for many years. But what is the importance and relevance of such an agreement? Lisa […]
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Community - January 3rd, 2021
Commenting on the news that many English schools will be opening tomorrow [4th January] for pupils to return, Deborah Lawson, Assistant General Secretary, said: “The absence of sound scientific evidence […]
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Community - December 23rd, 2020
Today, the Inquiry into the Future Self-Employment launches its interim report and urges the government to take urgent action to avoid a ‘stampede’ away from self-employment. Many self-employed Community members […]
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Community - December 17th, 2020
Community and the Fabian Society partnered on a project known as the Commission on workers and technology. This week the Commission launched it’s final report and findings. In this podcast, […]
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Adrian Morgan - December 16th, 2020
Health and safety training is vital to the steel sector to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees. Across a workforce of 4000 strong, Tata in Port Talbot has […]
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Roy Rickhuss - December 15th, 2020
At Community we are proud of our history.  When our industries changed over the last century, we stayed for our members, supporting them to reskill, retrain and find new work. Today we represent […]
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