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Racism is a trade union issue
Christopher Knight - April 21st, 2021
The last twelve months has brought issues of race and structural racism to the forefront of public discussion in ways not seen for decades. From the death of George Floyd […]
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Deadline to register to vote tonight!
Community - April 16th, 2021
May 2021 marks the first election since the beginning the pandemic, and the first opportunity since the last general election for millions of us to express our democratic opinion. Change […]
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New learning agreement signed
Community - April 15th, 2021
Community have recently signed a Learning agreement with Preston based organization Kind Communities. Kind Communities aim to empower members of the community who might belong to groups who are difficult […]
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Self-employed women like me were forgotten by this government
Tracey Smith - April 13th, 2021
We have achieved a lot in the past year, but we are far from securing the fair deal self-employed workers deserve.
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Role of your trade union representative
Tiffany Gillies - April 9th, 2021
In 2019, 6.44 million people in the UK were members of a trade union. Trade union membership helps workers, whether they are airline pilots, checkout assistants, teachers or nurses, to […]
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Why the steel industry needs support today
Alasdair McDiarmid - April 8th, 2021
The struggles the UK steel industry faces today are not known by everyone, but they are comprehensive. In recent history, the steel industry has been impacted by the dumping of […]
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Learning reps training goes online
Community - April 7th, 2021
On Friday the 5th of March Community delivered the online ‘ULR Induction Briefing session’ for new reps, with a focus on a beginner guide to being a ULR. Community Trustee […]
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Voice Community members reflect on experiences of online learning
Community - April 6th, 2021
In February we asked Voice Community members to share some experiences of lockdown and their hopes and fears for the future of education. We want to thank everyone who shared […]
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