MPs write to Clarks Shoes

Today, Members of Parliament have written to Clarks Shoes CEO Victor Herrero calling on him to end their use of fire-and-rehire at their distribution centre in Street, Somerset.

The letter reads:

Dear Mr Herrero, 

Re: Fire and Rehire 

We are writing to you regarding the threat to fire and rehire loyal Clarks warehouse employees unless they accept a cut to their terms and conditions to the statutory minimum.  

To ask workers to do the same job for a wage that is almost 15% lower, as well as with reduced maternity, holiday, notice period, sick and redundancy pay, is completely unacceptable.  

This has been an incredibly difficult time to Clarks employees who will, if these proposals go ahead, no longer be able to support their families. As Clarks is a major employer in the Somerset town of Street, the threat to slash wages is directly threatening the livelihood of an entire community.  

We note that at a time where warehouse workers are forced to accept a reduction of their pay from £11.16 an hour to £9.50 an hour, your predecessor as CEO was expected to receive a base salary of £807,500 and pay for head office staff has been protected. 

Clarks’ historic importance as a traditional British brand with renowned philanthropic roots is justly celebrated. We have fond memories from our childhood of being taken by our parents to Clarks to have our feet measured for school shoes, and of taking our own children for their measurements as parents.  

We are proud of the role Clarks shops play on high street in our constituencies across the country. We also share the objection of many of our constituents to the tactics of fire and rehire. 

For a business that is famous for its fairness and care to now force employees to either accept worse conditions or to lose their jobs is a betrayal of the values Clarks is famous for.  

We urge you to drop the threat of fire and rehire and work with the workers’ representatives from Community trade union to agree a proposal that delivers for the business and the workforce.  

Yours Sincerely, 

Barry Gardiner MP 

Signatories are:

  • Ms Abena Oppong-Asare MP
  • The Rt Hon Sir Alan Campbell MP
  • Mr Alex Cunningham MP
  • Mr Alex Sobel MP
  • Mr Andrew Gwynne MP
  • Mr Andy Slaughter MP
  • Ms Angela Eagle MP
  • Mr Barry Gardiner MP
  • The Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP
  • Dr Beth Winter MP
  • Ms Charlotte Nichols MP
  • Ms Chi Onwurah MP
  • Mr Chris Bryant MP
  • Mr Dan Jarvis MBE MP
  • Mr Darren Jones MP
  • Rt Hon Dame Diana Johnson MP
  • The Rt Hon Diane Abbott MP
  • Ms Emma Hardy MP
  • Mr Gareth Thomas MP
  • Mr Grahame Morris MP
  • Ms Helen Hayes MP
  • Mr Ian Lavery MP
  • Mr Ian Murray MP
  • Ms Jessica Morden MP
  • Mr Jon Ashworth MP
  • Dr Jon Cruddas MP
  • Ms Julie Elliott MP
  • Mr Justin Madders MP
  • Ms Kate Osborne MP
  • Ms Dawn Butler MP
  • Ms Seema Malhotra MP
  • Mr Kevin Brennan MP
  • Ms Kim Johnson MP
  • The Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP
  • Ms Louise Haigh MP
  • Ms Marsha De Cordova MP
  • Ms Mary Foy MP
  • The Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP
  • Ms Paula Barker MP
  • Ms Rebecca Long Bailey MP
  • Mr Richard Burgon MP
  • Ms Rosie Cooper MP
  • Ms Sarah Champion MP
  • Dr Stella Creasy MP
  • The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP
  • Mr Stephen Kinnock MP
  • Ms Taiwo Owatemi MP
  • Mr Tony Lloyd MP
  • Ms Zarah Sultana MP
  • Mr Alan Whitehead MP
  • Mr Hilary Benn MP

To support the workers at Clarks facing fire-and-rehire, click here.

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332

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