Labour launches manifesto for change

Responding to the launch of Labour’s 2024 General Election manifesto ‘Change’ today, Community Assistant General Secretary Alasdair McDiarmid said:

“Labour’s bold new manifesto for change is one that will be welcomed by our members and working people right across the UK.

“After 14 years of national decline, political chaos and industrial neglect, Labour are offering the country an opportunity to turn the page and kickstart a new era of renewal.

“This manifesto made it clear just how much our members have to gain through the election of a Labour government in three weeks’ time. Whether it’s through the transformative new deal for working people, game-changing investment in our steel and manufacturing sectors, reform of our education and early years system, improved protections for the self-employed, or action to tackle the crisis in our prisons: there is just so much at stake on the ballot paper.

“The choice at this election could not be clearer. Vote Labour on July 4th for a fairer, more prosperous Britain at work and in our communities.”


Key pledges confirmed in Labour’s manifesto today include:

  • A National Wealth Fund to include £2.5 billion to rebuild our steel industry, on top of the £500 million promised to Port Talbot, and, as well as £500 million to support the manufacturing of green hydrogen.
  • Resilient supply chains for the defence sector – to include steel – across the whole of the UK.
  • A British Jobs Bonus, allocating up to £500 million per year from 2026, to incentivise firms who offer good jobs, terms and conditions and build their manufacturing supply chains in industrial heartlands, coastal areas, and energy communities.
  • The recruitment of 6,500 new expert teachers in key subjects; 3,000 new primary school-based nurseries; and free breakfast clubs in every primary school.
  • Access to specialist mental health professionals in every school, so every young person has access to early support to address problems before they escalate
  • A new Teacher Training Entitlement to ensure teachers stay up to date on best practice with continuing professional development.
  • The reinstatement of a School Support Staff Negotiating Body, which will help address the acute recruitment and retention crisis in support roles.
  • The creation of a new Excellence in Leadership Programme, a mentoring framework that expands the capacity of headteachers and leaders to improve their schools.
  • Enhancement of the inspection regime to incorporate Multi-Academy Trusts. Single headline grades will be replaced with a new report card system telling parents clearly how schools are performing, with a new annual review of safeguarding, attendance, and off-rolling.
  • A commitment to building new prisons which are so badly needed, and action to reduce reoffending.
  • Action on late payments to ensure small businesses and the self-employed are paid on time
  • The implementation of ‘Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay: Delivering a New Deal for Working People’ in full, introducing legislation within 100 days. This will include: banning exploitative zero hours contracts; ending fire and rehire; and introducing basic rights from day one to parental leave, sick pay, and protection from unfair dismissal.
  • Strengthening  the collective voice of workers, including through their trade unions, and the creation of a Single Enforcement Body to ensure employment rights are upheld.
  • Ensuring the minimum wage is a genuine living wage, including by changing the remit of the independent Low Pay Commission so for the first time it accounts for the cost of living, and removing discriminatory age bands so all adults are entitled to the same minimum wage.
  • Rebuilding dentistry for the long term, including through reform of the dental contract.
  • Trialling Neighbourhood Health Centres which would bring together existing services such as family doctors, district nurses, care workers, physiotherapists, palliative care, and mental health specialists under one roof.
  • A programme of reform to create a National Care Service, underpinned by national standards, delivering consistency of care across the country and local partnership working between the NHS and social care on hospital discharge.
  • Enhanced partnership working across employers, workers, trade unions and government and establish a Fair Pay Agreement in adult social care. This sector collective agreement will set fair pay, terms and conditions, along with training standards

To read the manifesto in full, visit:

If you are a member of Community and need advice or support, please contact our Service Centre at or on 0800 389 6332.

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