Community: looking after your health and safety

‘Health and safety’ is sometimes treated unfairly in the press and on social media, as something bureaucratic or pedantic,  but it’s of fundamental importance to every workplace – whether that’s a factory, a foundry, a warehouse, a vehicle, a prison, a school, a nursery, an office or a home workplace.

Community’s Health & Safety Reps do a fantastic job looking out for our members across workplaces, but health & safety is not ‘someone else’s concern’. We all have a role to play, and there are things we all need to know.

As it says on the tin, it’s about our health and our safety – and our physical and mental wellbeing, even our lives, depend on it.

In the latest issues of our member magazines, we look at a range of health and safety-related issues, from your rights on leave (so important for our mental health), to looking after your back and eyes when working on computers in the office or at home, making sure the working environment is the right temperature, health conditions and driver safety, safe staffing levels in prisons, staff wellbeing in schools, the importance of ventilation, and working alone with young children in someone else’s house as a nanny.

Read more about these and other issues in your sector, including caring for others, green energy, fair pay…:

If you’ve got any comments about the magazines or suggestions for an article – especially if you’d be interested in writing one – please contact the editor. 

If you are a member of Community and need help or advice, please contact us at or on 0800 389 6332.

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