Address to Community’s Biennial Delegate Conference #StandingTogether22

I’m really pleased to send my best wishes to Roy, John-Paul, the National Executive and all Community members and activists gathered in Belfast for your 2022 Conference.

Community is a beacon for progressive trade unionism, working in partnership with good employers to represent workers in our changing industries.

As with all of our trade unions, it’s been a challenging period for Community. The Covid pandemic and the cost of living crisis have shown why we need trade unions as much as ever.

And Community’s record highlights this.

Defeating fire-and-rehire at Clarks. Fighting for the future of our steel industry. Standing up for self-employed people during the pandemic, and beyond it.

Working with Carolyn Harris, and others in Parliament, to improve workplace menopause policies and support millions of working women.

Key workers across a range of industries got us through the pandemic. Yet the Government does nothing to protect them or other working people. P&O Ferries is just the latest scandalous example.

Working with you my Labour Government will change that, by implementing A New Deal For Working People to improve employment rights from day one.

Our new deal will give working people the security and respect at work that they deserve. Community, and all our trade unions, will be vital to helping us to improve the lives of all workers.

So thank you for your support and have a great Conference.

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