A fairer, greener and more dynamic Britain

Today, Keir Starmer announced his vision for the UK under a Labour government. Kate Dearden, our Head of Research, Politics and External Relations, responds:

Working people need a government that is on their side, ready to face the greatest challenges of today, from the climate crisis to job insecurity. During the past 12 years Conservative governments have done nothing to create well-paid jobs in all our communities and give our foundational industries and sectors the ambition and investment they deserve.

In his speech today, the Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer introduced new national missions for renewal that would give hope to working people across the country. Championing an industrial strategy will transform our country, warranting a vital social partnership between business and unions to tackle the biggest problems and opportunities facing our country.

Our members will welcome Labour’s vision for government which is grounded in the interests of and for working people to build a fairer, greener and more dynamic Britain.

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