The right to join a union

We believe that unions can make workplaces safer, smarter and stronger. The law protects your right to belong to a union, and to participate in union activities.

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Union membership: your rights

You have the right to:

  • Choose to join or not join a union
  • Belong to the union you choose, even if it’s not the one your employer usually negotiates with
  • Belong to more than one union

Your employer isn’t allowed to:

  • Use threats or bribery to influence your decision to join or leave a union
  • Dismiss you or choose you for redundancy because of your union membership
  • Treat you unfavourably because of your union membership or activities

You are entitled to assert your employment rights, normally through a union. However, if because of asserting your rights you are dismissed, you can complain to an Employment Tribunal, regardless of your length of service. Community will assist you to do this.