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Young Workers Event

13th March 2020

Community recently recently held an event for its young workers at the Quorn Grange in Loughborough. Offering young members the opportunity to share their stories and ideas. The event covered a wide range of topics such as negotiations training, wellbeing and issues shared by many young people at work.

A guest speaker from Google attended to discuss their #IamRemarkable initiative. #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

Eluned Anderson, equalities rep and Community activist spoke of her reasons to join and her experience at the event; “Community prioritise things, especially mental health, just today one of the workshops was about mental health and I don’t know of another trade union who holds in such esteem such an important issue as Community does.

“I would absolutely attend more of these events, the discussions are brilliant and it’s so lovely being in a room with so many different people of a similar age group to share opinions and ideas”.

Another Community member, learning rep Ryan Johnson said, “Events like this are great for awareness and help to bring more young people into the union, I joined the union to give myself a louder voice at work but there are a lot of other benefits such as this training.

“The event has been a real eye opener and as one of the older young workers I hope that we’ll be able to use these events to encourage more to join and take part”.

Community regularly hold events and opportunities for workers across the UK to meet likeminded people and share their ideas with their fellow members.

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