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Xpro sign up to Community’s Mental Health Charter

31st October 2018

Xpro Life After Sport, an organisation supporting ex-professional footballers, has joined numerous organisations and employers from across the UK to commit to Community’s mental health charter.

By signing the charter, Xpro commits to making mental health a priority. Community’s charter includes; providing training and accessible information on mental health, signposting to information on where to get help, tackling stigma and challenging discrimination.

Les Bayliss, National Officer and Head of Special Projects, said:

“We are pleased Xpro joins many other organisations and employers by signing up to Community’s Mental Health Charter.

By signing the charter, Xpro commits to tackling stigma and discrimination, as well as raising awareness of mental health problems in the workplace.

We’ll be working with Xpro as part of Xpro Community in the years ahead to ensure the mental health of ex-professional players is a priority. Ex-professional players already know what it feels like to be part of a team and to look out for one another, we believe the same should be applied when approaching someone’s mental health.”

Clive Emery, CEO, Xpro Life After Sport, said:

“At Xpro we recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health, in particular for ex professional footballers. We know mental health, and mental health problems, can impact all of us, and we want to help those who in turn find it that much harder to come to terms with such problems.

We are looking forward to working with Community through Xpro Community and their mental health campaign to help ex professionals who have issues such as stess, anxiety, depression or any other mental health conditions, and to promote good mental health and wellbeing for us all.”


Xpro Community, is a new partnership between Xpro Life After Sport and the Community trade union, offering help, advice, guidance and representation to former sports professionals.

To find the mental health charter, click here.

If you are an employer who would like to sign the mental health charter and commit to making mental health a priority, please email