Your workforce

Community is proud of its diversity and equality. We represent members and their families across all industries and sectors in the UK. Unlike many other unions that specialise in specific job markets, Community is proud to be an inclusive organisation; welcoming anyone as a member, regardless of the sector they work in, how they work, or where they live. In this section we talk about some of the sectors we currently support.

We work with good employers, not against them.

We want to help create successful organisations – and for our members (your employees) to be fairly rewarded for the part they play in creating and fostering that success.

We believe the best outcomes at work can be achieved through positive partnerships between employers and their workforce. Community can help you to create that positive partnership, and create a safer, more productive workplace – benefiting you, your organisation and your workers.

We can help you to understand the rights of your workforce and help you meet your responsibilities as an employer. Our learning support provider can assist you in developing and funding learning and training programmes for your employees. And we have decades of experience in effectively improving employee relations, dealing with change and resolving conflict in the workplace – untangling sticky challenges as and when they arise.

Industrial action is always a last resort and we believe that negotiation and representation is the best way to achieve positive outcomes for both our members and their employers.

Community actively works to promote growth and create opportunities and secure employment across all UK industries, work sectors and communities – So we work with employers and employer associations to jointly lobby government for improvements in public policy.