Community is proud of its diversity and equality. We represent members and their families across all industries and sectors in the UK. Unlike many other unions that specialise in specific job markets, Community is proud to be an inclusive organisation; welcoming anyone as a member, regardless of the sector they work in, how they work, or where they live. In this section we talk about some of the sectors we currently support.

Working in football…

Community supports workers in the football industry across the UK. With a strong grasp on the challenges and inner-workings of the industry, Community is the obvious choice for anyone working in sports.

League Managers Association

Football, as we all know, is an ever-changing industry. The public are all too aware of how this affects those in public view like managers and players. This affects backroom staff too, without whom the industry couldn’t operate. Community are there to protect you, we’re there to offer you employment advice and guidance, and we’re there to ensure that your rights are protected.

Community and the Institute of Football Management & Administration (IFMA) are working in partnership to deliver advice, support and representation to those working in professional football. Community now have members from Yeovil in the South to Tyneside in the North East, and from managers and coaches – to youth development officers.

Community is currently working in partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA), providing support and representation to members in the LMA. The IFMA are also encouraging members to join Community from their other three sections:

  • Football Administrators Association;
  • Commercial And Marketing Managers Association;
  • Technical And Development Staffs Association.

Partnership with Community will ensure all employees in these sectors gain the added workplace protection membership provides.

Andy Daykin, IFMA Chairman, commented: “We are pleased that we are able to offer these additional benefits to our members at a reasonable cost. I believe this enhances the service we can deliver for members, whilst representing good value for money. I would recommend that individuals take up this fantastic opportunity”.

Roy Rickhuss, Community’s General Secretary added: “Community and the LMA are working in partnership to deliver a first class service to football managers through the LMA, and we are proud to be extending our relationship by offering individual membership to other football employees represented by IFMA. These backroom employees are the backbone of professional football and it is vital they have access to a trade union that will look after their interests. Community has a long and proud history of representing members and we welcome workers from football into our union’s family”.

Former sports professionals

Community is working in partnership with Xpro Life After Sport, to provide a network of help, support and representation to former sports professionals. You can find out more by clicking here.

Your workforce
Your workforce

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Full and part-time workers
Full and part-time workers

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Agency workers

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Self-employed workers

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