Labour Xchange

We are working in partnership with Labour xchange. Labour xchange connects people with spare time who want to earn some extra cash with businesses who need more staff. We offer free Community membership to people who sign up to Labour xchange, so that they can get the help and support they need in a changing world of work.

We all want to get on at work. And we all want to do right by our families. But sometimes you need a little more help to know your rights and understand your responsibilities. That’s why Community is proud to support Labour xchange candidates.

We provide online advice, support and guidance for individuals who are looking for work through  the Labour xchange platform and we give them the opportunity to try Community membership for free.

Community is working with Labour xchange because they want to help the good guys in today’s world of work. They understand that many small businesses want to treat workers the right way and the Labour xchange platform helps them to do the right thing. Labour xchange is an ethical alternative to some of the gig economy platforms out there. Community and Labour xchange have agreed a set of principles that determine how the platform works in the interests of workers:

  • People are paid at least the Living Wage Foundation rate as an hourly minimum
  • We understand having a permanent job provides more security than casual self-employment, so people can’t work full-time through the platform, only top-up their earnings in their spare time
  • If a business keeps booking the same worker we insist they offer an appropriate contract and there’s a package of support available to help the business and worker with the new arrangement
  • We understand that working as self-employed isn’t easy for everyone, so we offer free union membership and advice and support, so workers understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • We know that if you’re topping up your earnings through Labour xchange, that things could probably be better in your day job, so Community is on hand to help you no matter whether you work through Labour xchange or not.


We are continuing to win for our Labour Xchange members...

Our work with Labour Xchange was recently featured in the Financial Times…