Justice, Custodial & Immigration services

Community is proud of its diversity and equality. We represent members and their families across all industries and sectors in the UK. Unlike many other unions that specialise in specific job markets, Community is proud to be an inclusive organisation; welcoming anyone as a member, regardless of the sector they work in, how they work, or where they live. In this section we talk about some of the sectors we currently support.

Standing up for Justice, Custodial and Immigration Services workers

Community represents more workers in privatised justice services than any other union. Thousands of our members work in:

  • Private prisons
  • Secure immigration centres
  • Young offender institutions
  • Secure training centres
  • Courts & prisoner escorting
  • Electronic monitoring services
  • Overseas escort services

Our members work for a range of companies and organisations in the sector including Serco, Sodexo, G4S, Mitie, Capita EMS and Catch 22.

Our members’ work is vital to the UK justice system. They are uniformed in the same way as the police, fire, and armed services and they work in a situation of considerable risk, almost continually in a
dangerous situation. Accordingly, promoting and protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our members is of the utmost importance.
Former prison officers are among our full-time staff, so we understand the pressures workers can face on the frontline and we have a great deal of experience in supporting and representing justice services workers as well as negotiating with the leading contract companies in the sector.

We are committed to: 

  1. Establishing constructive relationships and effective industrial relations with employers to achieve the best possible terms and conditions for our members;
  2. Continually developing a union that is innovative, responsive and relevant to the specific needs of its members in UK justice and custodial services;
  3. Maintaining and developing our position as a modern, forward-thinking union; Providing quality training for, and the continuous development of, our full-time and workplace representatives – empowering them­ to recruit and effectively assist and support members;
  4. Promoting anti-discriminatory practice in the workplace and in all that we do;
  5. Promoting and campaigning for the policies and interests of our members in the workplace, the political arena and the broader community.

Services & benefits for members include: 

  • Our Service Centre, which is unparalleled in the trade union movement;
  • Best in class legal services, including personal injury advice and representation for you and your family;
  • Excellent core benefits including the union’s Child Benefit, Bereavement Benefit and Benevolent Fund.
Your workforce

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Full & part-time workers

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to help you get on at work.

Agency workers

Protecting your rights in a changing working world.

Self-employed workers

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