Resources for the self-employed

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Peace of mind for the self-employed

If you are self-employed or a member of a partnership and have lost income due to coronavirus, you are entitled to apply for a grant through the Self-employment Income Support Scheme. Read the full guide here.

We have guidance on lone working which self-employed workers may find useful. You can find it here.

We also have a health & safety guide for self-employed workers. You can find it here.

Self-employed news from Community

Don’t leave the self-employed stranded
Community - February 24th, 2021 | Reading Time: < 1 minute
The Chancellor once said that he would do “whatever it takes” to support people through the pandemic. No matter what kind of employment you’re in, [...]
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Chancellor urged to strike new settlement for self-employed in Budget
Community - February 12th, 2021 | Reading Time: 3 minutes
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been urged to use his Budget on 3rd March to give greater security to self-employed workers and prevent a possible ‘exodus’ [...]
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Renewed calls for extension to self-employed support
Community - January 29th, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Today the Labour Party has called on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to protect self-employed people by setting the fourth grant of the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme [...]
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Interim report into the future of self-employment
Community - December 23rd, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Today, the Inquiry into the Future Self-Employment launches its interim report and urges the government to take urgent action to avoid a ‘stampede’ away from [...]
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Community response to Chancellor statement
Community - November 5th, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Today the Chancellor has announced an extension to the Job Retention Scheme and increase to the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme. The furlough scheme will now [...]
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Community demands support for excluded self-employed
Community - November 4th, 2020 | Reading Time: < 1 minute
Today, Community has written to the Chancellor to immediately plug the gaps in the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, and ensure parity for the self-employed for [...]
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Self-employed announcement response
Community - November 2nd, 2020 | Reading Time: < 1 minute
Today's announcement to increase the financial support available to self-employed workers to 80% for November is welcome. It means self-employed workers will have parity with [...]
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Response to latest Chancellor announcement
Community - October 22nd, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Today the Chancellor announced changes to the Job Support Scheme and self-employed grant. In response to the changes, Kate Dearden, Head of Research, Policy and [...]
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Launch of self-employed inquiry
Community - October 7th, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Today, with Prospect Union, we are launching an inquiry into the self-employed. The inquiry aims to investigate how the self-employed have been hit by the [...]
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Response to the Chancellor’s announcement
Community - September 24th, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 minutes
The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, today announced a plan for our economy for the coming months. This new ‘Winter Economic Plan’ comes following the imposition of [...]
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