Faith workers

We are reaching out to support faith workers across the UK. We have longstanding members and an active group of faith workers in the union. We’re continuing to support them and we can help you too.

Join Community today.


Reverend Chris Wilson, Secretary of the Community Faith Workers’ branch has shared his thoughts on why workers in faith institutions should have a union in their corner, you can read more at Christians on the Left here and on the Reform magazine website here.


Meanwhile, here are ten reasons why faith workers should join Community.

1. Community share your values

Community has a specific faith workers branch that understands your calling to serve and your specific situation. We will never ask you to take any action which is injurious to your faith tradition. We understand your need to be there for others during important and sometimes sad occasions.

2. Campaigning on issues that matter to you

We use our influence and resources to campaign on issues in the workplace and beyond – issues that affect our members’ lives and that our members care deeply about. From campaigning for an end to faith based discrimination, better mental health in the workplace and to end homelessness in the UK.

3. Support for your community

Each of our members has local communities that they care deeply about – whether it’s a local charity or your kids’ football team – Community has a special fund to support your community.

4. Help and support

Community can support you in times of difficulty from informal advice on employment matters, through casework to Employment Tribunals. We will be there for you, just as you are there for others day-in, day-out.

5. Better pay as well as terms and conditions

We secure fair treatment, fair pay and fair pensions by supporting our members with individual and collective representation, working with employers to get the best deal for you.

6. Opportunities to develop

We help you to develop within your current job and open up opportunities to you through bespoke training. If you’re a member of Community you can access hundreds of free online courses.

7. A better world of work

We want you to have a better experience wherever you work and however you work. We’re ecumenical and multi-faith so whatever your faith tradition, you are welcome to join. Whether you’re teaching in a Synagogue, a Church Minister, or Imam or in any other faith based work, we’re striving to make your experiences at work better.

8. Discounts and savings

We source and deliver a range of fantastic benefits for our members; if you make the most of these – you can save more than the cost of your union membership.

9. Expand your networks

The chance to connect and interact with other Community members who work in faith across the UK – share experiences, exchange ideas on common goals, collaborate on campaigns and celebrate your achievements.

10. A strong collective voice

The bigger we are, the stronger our voice is and we use that voice in the interest of our members. Join us, be part of our collective voice and make sure we use it on the things that matter to you.

In Community we are stronger together! Join us today.

This only scratches the surface of our services, offers and benefits and how our members everyday are taking advantage of their membership at work, home and in the community.

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