Dental Professionals

At Community we’re proud to represent dental professionals from across the UK. Find out more about how we’re working to secure better pay, terms and conditions as well as fair treatment for you and your colleagues.

We’ve also put together a collection of information, advice, guidance and support to help you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find it here

Representing the dental sector

There’s never been a better time than now to join a trade union. Community Union is becoming a growing voice for dental professionals. We’re here to lobby on your behalf and campaign with you to secure the changes you want to see in your workplace.

You’re never alone with Community Union in your corner. Are you:

  • Worried about going back to work?
  • Worried about health and safety at work?
  • Worried about staying safe at work?
  • Worried about PPE at work
  • Need work-place advice?
  • Wondering about what your rights are at work?

Then look no further. We can provide advice, guidance and representation, no matter where you work in the sector.  

We have a dedicated service centre on hand and ready to take calls when you need them most. You can access advice on our coronavirus hub here.

Heard enough? Join here

Check out the BDA poster below for some guidance on staying safe in general practice as well as our own PPE toolkit and guidance on dental PPE and cross infection control:

We have also written to Matt Hancock MP, calling for proper PPE for dental professionals. We’ve also asked that your annual retention fee be delayed as we know this is a significant cost when you may already be under financial strain. Click for a larger version: