Contract and agency workers

Community is proud of its diversity and equality. We represent members and their families across all industries and sectors in the UK. Unlike many other unions that specialise in specific job markets, Community is proud to be an inclusive organisation; welcoming anyone as a member, regardless of the sector they work in, how they work, or where they live. In this section we talk about some of the sectors we currently support.

The world of work is changing.

And with that change there is a growing number of contract and agency workers here in the UK. Community has a great deal of experience in helping contracted workers secure a fair deal.

From advice on zero hours contracts to location of work and frequent termination of short-term contracts, Community has the experience and expertise to help you to address these challenges, and secure a better, fairer deal.

We often help contract and agency workers with challenges around continuity of employment and statutory entitlement to holidays and rest periods. While contract and agency workers have more rights than they used to, there is still a long way to go. And these workers need a union to help ensure that these legislated rights are upheld.