Charity & social enterprise

Community is proud of its diversity and equality. We represent members and their families across all industries and sectors in the UK. Unlike many other unions that specialise in specific job markets, Community is proud to be an inclusive organisation; welcoming anyone as a member, regardless of the sector they work in, how they work, or where they live. In this section we talk about some of the sectors we currently support.

Community is here for all charity workers…

From the brave people on the front line – to the vital back-office support staff, fundraisers, marketing and administrative staff. We are proud to support those working in the charity sector – And of course the social entrepreneurs responsible for a flourishing social enterprise marketplace here in the UK.

In the Voluntary sector, Community represents workers who are often required to go beyond the call of duty to serve their cause. Community seeks to ensure that all voluntary organisations in the UK meet minimum labour and health and safety requirements. And we are dedicated to campaigning and organising in these sectors of the economy.

As an organisation that exists to secure a better working world for everyone in the UK, we love working with individuals and organisations with a similar mission to improve the lives of everyday people. And people who are often marginalised or squashed. A great example of our work in the charity sector is our relationship with the NSPCC.

Community and the NSPCC

Community is the recognised trade union for the NSPCC, representing members of the NSPCC across the organisation. We provide members with the highest levels of service and representation as well as membership benefits, which include our outstanding legal protection.

Community has developed regional branch structures to serve as a framework for NSPCC employees to organise within. Our NSPCC branches serve as the place to raise issues at a regional and national level, as well as accessing the support and advice of colleagues and union officials.

This is particularly important, as the issues raised within the regional branches are taken forward to Joint National Committee (JNC) meetings. The JNC allows your representatives to meet directly with NSPCC management to discuss issues affecting employees.

Community negotiates with NSPCC management over issues ranging from pay and conditions to pensions. Individuals working for the NSPCC can also request support from Community representatives on issues from Health and Safety to harassment and bullying. Please contact us  for further information or call our Member Service Centre on 0800 389 6332.


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