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In times of uncertainty, Community is in your corner

David Fiddler
9th July 2019

“I was really worried about losing my home…”

Community understands that life can be difficult at times, our members are experiencing first-hand the uncertainty of our delicate economy and many simply don’t know where to turn to for support.  Through our benevolent fund, we have seen the dramatic effects the smallest change can have on someone’s finances and their ability to make ends meet.

An unexpected absence from work through ill-health, or a delay in welfare benefits being processed, can often lead to members having to live hand-to-mouth.

Community’s benevolent fund is here to help, providing assistance to members and their families who are experiencing severe financial hardship.

Earlier this year John*, a member from our Justice, Custodial and Immigration sector, suffered a serious injury to his hip which required several operations and a lengthy absence from work.  John was entitled to company sick pay for a short time, but this ran out and John found himself on very limited means.

John did the correct thing by seeking money-management advice and managed to agree a ‘freeze’ on a number of his credit card and loan arrangements until he was able to return to work. However, John’s landlord was not sympathetic to his situation and John quickly fell behind with his rent payments.  After several missed payments, John’s landlord threatened to take possession proceedings.

David (pictured) is Community’s Head of Services.


As well as having to deal with his injury and frequent trips to the hospital, John also had to deal with the worry of losing his home.

John applied to Community’s benevolent fund for assistance with his rent arrears.

Our Benevolent Fund Committee carefully considered John’s personal and financial circumstances and determined that John was experiencing immediate severe financial hardship.  A donation was made out of the Fund, which cleared the arrears and removed the threat of possession proceedings, leaving John to concentrate on his recovery.

John has since made a good recovery from his injury and has now returned to work.

On Community’s support during this time, John said “I couldn’t believe how fast my circumstances changed.  One minute I was fine and the next I was off work and couldn’t pay my bills.  I was really worried about losing my home. 

“Without Community’s help I don’t what would have happened.  I would say to other members it’s really important to put some savings aside if you can, because you just don’t know what might happen.”

Click here for more details about the union’s Benevolent Fund and to download an application form.

To help members save their money in the best way possible, Community has partnered with Capital Credit Union, recognising the need to promote regular saving and positive financial wellbeing among our membership, as well as providing members with an ethical and responsible lending option.  Click here for more details about joining the growing number of members who are benefitting from being a member of Capital Credit Union.

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*Name changed for anonymity.