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Tribute to Andy Harland

17th January 2020

Andy will be greatly missed by all who knew him…

Tributes have been paid to Community union rep Andy Harland, who passed away after a brief illness just before Christmas. Andy was an active member of Community in the union’s north west region and served as a Labour Councillor on Manchester City Council for many years representing Clayton and Openshaw.

Andy Harland

Andy (pictured) was a devout trade unionist, committed to helping and supporting his community.

Sean Scorer, National Secretary for Community’s northern region said “Andy will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He was a true stalwart of our region and a great advocate for the good that trade unions can do within their communities, not just in their workplaces.

“He was deeply committed to the labour movement and spent his life trying to help others. His passionate politics and his drive to make a difference was inspirational. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.”

Cllr Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said “It’s with great sadness that we hear of the death of Andy.

“His commitment to the city was an inspiration and he will be sorely missed in Clayton and Openshaw – an area of the city that he dedicated a significant portion of his life. We will remember his positivity and his ability to inspire those around him.”

Andy Harland

Andy in his younger years

Jacob Mason delivered the eulogy at Andy’s funeral saying “He was well known and loved by many residents in East Manchester. Whenever I was out campaigning or leafleting with Andy, it was very hard to walk down the street without someone stopping to chat.

“A true socialist and trade unionist, Andy’s politics gave him an edge in understanding the forces at work underneath the obvious surface. Andy was the one you wanted on your team.

“If he was ever having a bad day, he never showed it. And if you were having a bad day, he would always have an anecdote to cheer you up.”

John Ingham, the former Council Leader of Plymouth said “Andy’s reputation for community involvement was legendary in the local government field, and I am proud to say I always held up Andy Harland as the example to follow.

“Through Community’s Futures Fund, Andy co-ordinated support to projects, charities, and organisations in his area. In particular, ‘Growing in the City’ was one project that Andy supported. Based in Openshaw, local people came together to learn about growing and eating healthy food, and learn skills by making things out of recycled wood by setting up a Men’s Shed project for those with mental health issues.”